An unofficial html5 linter.


This page is unmaintained, but htmllint is probably still active! See the Github page and wiki for more information about using htmllint. Although the demo here works, it uses a very old version of htmllint and has a lot fewer tests and more bugs than the current version.


This is a Comp 523 project at UNC in the fall of 2014. The goal is to create an html5 linter and validator. The linter will be an npm module and should be usable as a Grunt plugin. Some solutions exist for validation and linting html, but many aren't configurable or require an outside service. The purpose of this module is to provide a highly configurable, open source alternative.

For people new to this project:

Please go to the 'source' tab above, which wil take you to the main module. The ReadMe file on that page will give an introduction. Click on the 'grunt-htmllint' link to go to the grunt module, which was the requested module for this project. the ReadMe file there will give information about installing node, npm, and Grunt.